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Microdermabrasion is a new "Lunch Time" approach to skin rejuvenation which stimulates the production of the new skin cells and collagen. This gentle technique is performed with a jet of medical-grade aluminum oxide crystals that are projected across your skin. When the crystals make contact with the skin, they remove the outer dead layer. The vacuum pressure simultaneously removes the crystals and dead skin cells delivering them to a waste collection unit. This stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin increasing the oxygenation causing the enhancement of cell renewal and collagen regrowth. The massaging action of the treatment creates a flushing and cleansing effect below the skin surface resulting in a vibrant, healthy appearance and complexion. As an adult your skin cells replace themselves approximately every 28 days. While undergoing Microdermabrasion those skin cells are replaced much quicker resulting in new skin cell line coming up to the surface much faster.




This rejuvenation method is generally indicated for:

  • Dull, oily or leathery skin texture.

  • Contracting enlarged pores.

  • Exfoliating and suctioning clogged pores in acne cases.

  • Polishing and reducing fine lines.

  • Mild acne scarring.

  • Mild pigment irregularities.

  • Sun damage or uneven texture.



  • Virtually no side effects.

  • Gives the skin an overall fresh, healthy-looking glow.

  • Nonsurgical, safe, effective "lunch hour" procedure.

  • Effective on all skin colours and types.

  • No anesthetic required.

  • Excellent for skin sensitive to chemical procedures.

  • Normal activities can be resumed immediately.



Microdermabrasion treatments usually require 30-40 minutes. The number of treatments recommended for maximal results can range between 5-12, spaced 1-4 weeks apart. Maintenance of results requires periodic repeat treatments after the initial series is completed.



Your fresh, newly exposed skin will be delicate.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure for 7 days after a treatment. You must wear a high quality sunscreen with an SPF 30 if possible.

  • Avoid a chlorinated pool the day of the treatment.

  • Avoid strenuous activities following the treatment.

  • Avoid alpha-Hydroxy Acid, Glycolic Acid and exfoliation products for 3 days before and 24-48 hours after a treatment.

  • Avoid full face makeup the day of your treatment. This is not mandatory - many people apply their own makeup and go on with their regular activities. Eye makeup, lipstick, etc., may be applied immediately after.

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